Summer Camp Registration Form

Child Information
If not, there is a fee of $25 per week. We supply everything.
If yes, you can just check off the camps you want to attend and skip down to medical waiver, If nothing (doctor, insurance, caregivers, etc) have changed.
Please check the boxes of the camps you wish to attend
Parent/Guardian information
Other people allowed to pick-up
Medical Information

I hereby give permission for my child to receive emergency treatment by a qualified staff member at Blossoming Buds Preschool. I also give permission for my child to be taken to the hospital by an aid car, ambulance, or staff car, if necessary.
In the event of an emergency and I cannot be contacted, I further consent to any medical, surgical, and/or hospital care, when deemed immediately necessary or advisable by a licensed physician/hospital in order to safeguard my child’s health.
I understand that I am 100% financially responsible for any emergency treatment that my child receives, including paramedics/ambulance services.
By signing below you agree to the above medical waiver.

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