Pre-K Blossoms Program: 4 – 5 year-olds

Blossoms Program (Pre-K):

The Pre-K year is dedicated and tailored to prepare our students for Kindergarten. Our goal is to motivate each student to become an active, thoughtful, and curious participant in the learning process. We will look closely at many multi-disciplinary subjects while predominantly focusing on early literacy. By nurturing the “whole child”, our students will develop confidence that will carry them through the years.

8:45am – 12:45pm 4  days a week – Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday  This program is intended for children 4-5 years old by August 31st.

2022-23 school year: $1040/month

Spanish Enrichment on Fridays!  Optional.  8:45-12:45, extra $230/month

2023-24 school year: $1070/month