Blossoming Buds Enrollment Process

**We have one spot open for the fall 2022-23 school year!  Contact us for more info!

Blossoming Buds Preschool begins the enrollment process during the month of January. Once we receive acknowledgment of which students will be returning in the fall, and how many siblings and cousins will be enrolling, we open enrollment to the public around February 1st.  We start general enrollment for our Sprouts program first then fill any openings in our Buds program and Blossoms program.

We follow the ‘first come first served’ rule according to the waiting-list order while dividing the class between girls and boys. To get on our enrollment/waiting list you must apply along with a non-refundable $35 application fee.  You will be prompted to pay via PayPal once you submit your application.  Once we receive your application and fee, your child or children will be placed on our list (please note: filling out an application without fee will not put your child on our waiting list.)

What is a preschool “Waiting-List?”

At Blossoming Buds Preschool, we accept applications all year long.  Some families decide to get on our waiting list when their children are just born, or some wait right before the school year starts.  It is completely up to the family.  Some may ask why these families who get on our waiting list do not get a spot automatically since they are applying so soon.  We must first see how many openings we have after taking siblings and cousins into account.  Once we fill any openings with siblings and cousins, we open enrollment to everyone else according to the order of the waiting list.  Once we fill all the openings, the families who did not get a spot will stay on our waiting list until something opens.  We try to have enrollment wrapped up by March 30th.

Blossoming Buds has been around for almost two decades and we have built a fabulous reputation.  With that comes the stigma that it is very hard to get into our school.  That is not the case; families move, families change their plans after getting on our waiting list, some years we are girl or boy-heavy, etc.  When families tour, we tell them it is always worth getting on our waiting list if you like our program. If you do not get a spot during our enrollment period, the class can always shift around and you could end up getting offered a spot later in the spring/summer.  If you ever have any questions about our enrollment process, please do not hesitate to ask.