2017-18 Holiday and Event schedule

September 6 & 7 - First Day of School (6th Buds and pre-K, 7th - Sprouts)

September- Sprouts parent-only potluck

September/October- Buds and Pre-K Blossoms potluck

October 10 – Pre-K and Sprouts school pictures

October 11 - Buds school pictures

 October 25- Fall Festive Field Trip: Remlinger Farms, 10am guided tour $9/person

 November 10 - Veterans Day (no school, The Cottage open)

November 23 – 24 - Thanksgiving (no school)

December 9- Annual Lil’ Elves Workshop, 9am -1pm (optional)

December  18 – January 1 - Winter Break (no school, The Cottage Open)

January 10 - Buds and Pre-K Parent-Teacher conferences (no school)

January 15 - Martin Luther King Jr. Day (no school, The Cottage open)

February 19 - Presidents Day (no school, The Cottage Open)

February 20 - 23- Mid-Winter Break (no school, The Cottage Open)

*April  2- 6 Spring Break Option #1, or

*April 9- 13 Spring Break Option #2

April 26 – Seattle Children’s Theater: The Lamp and the Moon at 10:30am, $12/person

May 3 - Sprouts Parent-teacher conferences (no school)

May 28 - Memorial Day (no school, The Cottage Open)

June 14 – Last day and Pre-K graduation

June 15 – All-school Gathering


*  We understand our students have siblings at different elementary schools with different spring breaks.  We will give you the option of which spring break your family would like to take.  We will be doing the same curriculum for both weeks so none of our students miss out.

**  We are a private school that is not associated to any other school or school districts.  Please read our holiday schedule very carefully and mark all dates in your planner.  You may find the calendar on our website also.