Buds Teacher & Sprouts Teacher Assistant, Miss. Amanda

Hello, 你好 (ni hao), and aloha! I am Miss Amanda and I am so excited to join the Blossoming Buds family, as the Buds lead teacher. I was born in Taipei, Taiwan and raised in Vancouver, Canada. I have a Bachelor’s degree in music and I love sneaking my love for music into everything I do! As a lead preschool teacher this past year, I used music to teach everything from math to manners. I also teach private piano lessons out of my home studio, which I have been doing for 15 years. When I’m not surrounded by students, I am usually having a dance party in my house with my husband and our three kids. Our family is a melting pot of cultures since my husband is from Hawaii, so culture and language mean a lot to me. I speak Mandarin Chinese, conversational French, and am fluent in baseball lingo! Yes, I am a baseball mom and proud of it! Aside from playing the piano, singing, and writing, my favorite hobby is watching my kids on the ball field. I love working with children and am ecstatic to be teaching at BBP!